How To Make Money Selling Ringtones On iTunes

Technology has made it possible for artists and music makers to sell music online and make money. This part of the music business makes it possible for anyone with an audio track to monetize their songs and receive the payments every month. With the help of mobile technology, many artists and unsigned music makers are now able to sell ringtones and make a lot of money.

This part of the music ringtone market is huge and is largely untapped. This means that mobile technology companies need specific ringtones to sell to their subscribers. If you are an artist or a music composer, you can easily make a lot of money by composing music for ringtone companies. The market is under-served and there are lots of ways to make money from it.

How to sell your ringtones on iTunes and make money from them

To sell ringtones on iTunes, you will need to get a good music distributor. Many distributors have online platforms where they collect people’s music and then distribute them to various ringtone companies and streaming platforms.

One good platform where you can sell your ringtone is iTunes. Others are TikTok, YouTube, Tidal, Pandora, and many more. To sell your ringtones on iTunes, just follow the simple steps below.

1). Upload your ringtone to the music distribution platform: Once you get a good ringtone distributor, you should first understand their terms and conditions. You can then sign up with them and create an account. When your account is ready, you can simply upload the ringtone and artwork in a matter of minutes.

2). The distributor sends out the music to ringtone companies: Once you upload your music, the distributor then sends out the ringtones automatically to the ringtones store of iTunes. This happens within 24 hours after uploading your music. Once the ringtones have been sent, they will be available for immediate downloads/streaming from millions of subscribers.

3). Receive your money: At the end of each month, you will be paid your royalties. This happens all the time that you sell a ringtone through iTunes. Your payment is sent straight to your account with the music distributor.

The benefits of getting a music distributor to distribute your ringtones

With a good distributor like MusicDigi, you can sell your ringtones for just under ten bucks per ringtone. There are lots of benefits that come with selling your ringtones.

1). Global distribution: You can circulate and share your ringtones with numerous iPhone users and other mobile gadgets from across the world.

2). Super fast delivery: You can bet that your ringtone will be delivered very fast to various iPhone users all across the globe. This means that your ringtones would be in high demand.

3). Monthly payments; You will be able to get your payments every month straight to your account.

4). 100% music ownership: You will be able to have full ownership of your music and retain all rights too.

5). Sales and trends data: You will be given a periodic report that shows the trend and sales analytics of your earnings. This helps you confirm your earnings.

6). Free ISRC and UPCs: A genuine and authentic music distribution platform will give you free UPC and ISRC codes to help you sell your ringtones.