You are not the only person who is trying to figure out how to decarb marijuana. While decarboxylation, is an essential step in the cooking of cannabis, many don’t know how to decarboxylate weed.

Decarboxylation, which activates the non-intoxicating and intoxicating cannabinoid thca from THC, allows you the opportunity to feel its psychoactive effect. You heat your weed slowly and low for a long time to convert thca/cbda and other acids cannabinoids into cbd, THC, and many more.

Decarboxylation is simple and can be done at your home with the tools you have in your kitchen. Use our step by step guide to learn how you can decarboxylate weed using your oven.

Step by step instructions for decarboxylation in the oven of marijuana:

This process can take less than an hour. You can also decarboxylate or infuse kief with this method. You must first gather your ingredients! This quick guide to declaring cannabis at home will help you get started.


There are some things you need to decarboxylate weed at your home. You will need a small, oven-safe baking dish or container, parchment paper, as well as a metal baking tray that has perforated holes.

Some recipes call for you to place your weed in a cheesecloth.

The primary goal is to prevent any cannabis particles from entering your food. All set? Let’s get started!


Preheat your oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be done either with a standard oven or a toaster oven.

Prepare an oven-safe tray or baking sheet. Line it up with parchment paper. A baking sheet can be used if there isn’t enough weed to go at once. But, if there’s a lot of weed to go around, a dish would work well.

Choose your cannabis. You can use your own cannabis, or you can buy dried and cure weed from a trusted dispensary. To make well-rounded oils, or salves we love using balanced strains such as the indicia/sativa hybrid. They’re better for all-round health maintenance.

Break the buds into small pieces. For convenience, you can grind them but it’s not required.

To preserve more terpenes in the marijuana, you can either decarboxylate it on 250degf for 25-30minutes or slightly longer at low temperatures (e.g. For 45 minutes at 220degf) using an oven.

Some prefer foil or a separate baking sheet to trap any cannabinoids, terpenes, or other volatile substances.

After about 40 minutes the tray can be taken out of the oven. Let it cool completely. The cannabis should be a lighter brown than the brightest green when it’s ready for handling.

When the dough is baked, seal the container with a lid.

After decarboxylation, cannabis must be kept in cool, dark areas.


Pay attention to how you choose and use your decarboxylated hemp. If not used within the next 3-6 month, your cannabis will continue to lose its potency. Although it will not “go stale”, the THC and cbn will become more potent, making your cannabis less active than fresh, natural flowers. Try freezing dried flowers instead if you intend to stay out for a longer time. If you want buy cbd gélules or other products visit any near cbd shop.