What is an EWP Operator Licence?

The Yellow Card Training Program is for those who need to learn the skills and knowledge necessary to operate Mobile Elevating Work Platforms, also known as EWPs. This course will teach you how to safely use various elevated work platforms, including boom-type MEWPs that have a maximum boom length of fewer than 11 meters. Depending on the type and purpose of EWP, participants can choose to complete one or more modules.

Modules include

  • Vertical Lift (VL).
  • Scissor Lift (SL).
  • Self-propelled boom lift (BL)
  • Trailer Lift (TL)
  • Truck Mounted Lift (TM).
  • Advanced Boom (AB).

Course Outline

The EWPA-accredited Trainers offer comprehensive training in theory and practice through the Yellow Card Training Course.

You can expect to be able to safely operate different types of MEWPs after completing this course.

Our highly qualified trainers will teach you all aspects of the course through both written and practical teachings. These are just some of the topics covered in the course material.

  • Assessment of risk and identification of hazards
  • Routine operations checks
  • How to safely operate and maneuver an EWP competently
  • Isolation, parking, and shutting down an EWP
  • Relocation of an EWP
  • Personal Protective Equipment, including various types of harnesses
  • Soil types and ground conditions
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Logbook record keeping
  • Specifications and requirements of manufacturers

EWPA-Accredited Trainers

You can rest assured that your ewp yellow card training course will be completed by an EWPA Accredited Instructor. This ensures that the course is in compliance with the Accredited Trainer Manual and Code of Practice. EWPA Accredited Trainers must have a Certificate IV In Training and Assessment and extensive industry experience.

You can register online for an EWPA-accredited trainer course or search for training providers online.


After successful completion of the course, your Accredited Trainer will submit your training records to EWPA. They will approve your training and issue you an EWP Operator Licence. This will include proof training and your photo on the card.

A Statement of Attainment will be issued for RIIHAN301E: Operate Elevating Work Platforms. If you need this, please inform your Accredited Trainer. This is an additional document that you will need to complete, so please notify your Accredited Trainer.

After approval of your license by the EWPA, an interim record of training will be emailed. This can be used to operate a MEWP while you wait for your yellow card. The yellow card will be sent to the address you have provided.


There are no pre-requisite units for the Training program. MEWPs are dangerous and operators must be well-informed about the risks involved in using them. This includes understanding and reading technical information, such as instructions for emergency-lowering systems, wind speed ratings and variable rated capacities restrictions, logbook checklists, and operator’s manuals.

EWPA Accredited Trainers must feel confident that participants have absorbed and understood the information and that they are competent to assess the operator.

The minimum age for operating an EWP below 11 meters is 14 and 9 months. The applicant will receive a “Restricted yellow Card” This will permit you to operate within the same EWP category under the direct supervision of an unrestricted yellow cardholder.


It takes approximately 6 hours depending on class size, prior knowledge, and experience. You will have the confidence to find employment in any industry, including construction or manufacturing.