How To Choose The Right Size Storage Unit For Your Storage Needs

The size of your self-storage unit is an important aspect to consider when renting one. Your storage unit’s size will affect its ability to hold your items. You could end up spending more on a storage unit that is too small or too large for your storage needs. You don’t want to spend too much on something that isn’t going to be of any use to you.

When searching for storage units Orlando, you should think about the size that you require. You will need to have more storage units if you have a lot of things. A smaller unit will probably work if you only have small items. The size of the unit can also influence the price. Make sure to take all factors into account before making your final purchase.

These are some ways to decide the size of your storage space.

1. Your Storage Needs

It is easy to determine your storage requirements by asking these questions:

What number of items will you store?

Which type/type of items will you store?

How long can you keep your stuff?

Are you planning to add more items to your home?

2. You can check the sizes of your storage units

You can determine which size storage unit will be most suitable for your needs by comparing the sizes available.


The locker storage unit is similar to a small closet. It can store books and clothes as well as office supplies like tools and luggage. Although it may not be as large as other storage units, it can hold quite a few of your belongings. It measures 3.3 feet in length and 10.76 feet in height. Its height is 4.3 feet and its width is 3.3 feet. The locker’s storage capacity of 80% is equal to 5 balikbayan containers (20″x20″x20 inches).


There are three sizes available for regular storage units. Each size is determined by your storage needs.


This small storage unit looks similar to a walk-in closet. It is also much larger than the locker size. It measures 6.6 feet in length and 43.1 feet in area. You can store books, mattresses, gardening tools, luggage, clothes, and office supplies. If you’re curious, the storage space is equivalent to 39 balikbayan containers (20″ x20″ x20 inches).


A medium-sized storage unit can store the contents of a large studio apartment. The storage unit is about the same size as a small bedroom. It can be used to store kitchen equipment, party equipment, or a bike or motorcycle, as well as other items. The medium-sized storage unit is longer than the small-sized locker. Its width and length are different. It measures 6.6 feet in length and 9.8 feet in width. It measures 64.6 square footage, just like the area. It measures approximately 58 balikbayan containers (20″x20″x20 inches) which are equivalent to 80% storage capacity for a medium-sized storage unit.


Large storage units are similar in size to a bedroom or half the area of a garage. The unit measures 9.8 feet in length and 9.9 feet in width, with a total area of 96.9 feet. The large storage unit can hold furniture such as sofas, tables, and chairs. It also can store business equipment and sports equipment. Its storage capacity equals 87 boxes of the same size.


Extra-large storage units may be the best option for households or businesses that require more space to store their belongings.


Extra-large storage units, also known as XL storage units, are similar to small garages. It measures 9.8 feet in length and 13.1 feet wide. It measures 129.2 sq. feet. It can store items like a refrigerator, washer, television, business equipment, or entertainment devices. Its storage capacity is approximately 80%, which is equivalent to 117 balikbayan containers.


The double XL storage unit can be used as a medium-sized garage or large studio apartment. It measures 9.8 feet in length and 16.4 feet wide. The area of the unit is 161.5 feet. It can store heavy and large items, such as furniture or business equipment. This unit is ideal for those who are moving homes. Its storage capacity is equal to 146 balikbayan boxes.


The triple XL storage unit is similar to a large garage. It can store large furniture and business equipment. It measures 9.8 feet in length and 19.7 feet wide, with a total area of 193.8 square feet. It can be used for living transitions as well as commercial purposes due to its large storage area. It stores 80% of its total storage space in 175 balikbayan containers.

We hope you find this article helpful in choosing the right size storage unit for your needs.