Second hand Omega watches for him and her

Founded in 1888, T. H. Baker has been a leading family owned jeweller and authorised dealer for generations. As a company we have 130 years experience in the industry, so we can assure our customers that they can buy from us with complete confidence. Now specialising in Second hand jewellery and pre-owned watches, T. H. Baker is the place to go to purchase that iconic luxury timepiece.

Swiss made, Omega was founded in 1848 by Louis Brandt who was a young watchmaker in a small Swiss village, and it was there that the Omega brand began. Omega has gone on to be renowned, not only for its brilliant timekeeping but also for its long partnerships with the Olympics and the most recent James Bond movies. The Olympic partnership has been ongoing since 1932 and is one that is going to continue for the foreseeable future, heading into their 90th year in 2022.

With a variation of men’s and women’s second hand watches in stock, Omega provide luxury and style within on single piece. Their partnership with the James Bond movies over the last 26 years has significantly grown their image of luxury due to the character always being seen wearing a Seamaster with a blue dial. The iconic watch is available to purchase for the likes of you and me and why wouldn’t you? If it’s perfect for Mr Bond himself, then it’s even more perfect for you.

The ladies Constellation by Omega symbolises beauty and watch making in one entire timepiece. With a more slender touch than the men’s selection the Constellation collection by Omega is their most advanced with the use of the highest standard materials. With a brushed or polished bezel with Roman Numerals, a crown embossed with the Omega logo and with the choice of set diamonds and mother-of-pearl accents. This timeless classic timepiece from Omega has been refined to perfection to be ideal for every wearer.

The Seamaster collection is probably the most recognisable of all Omega watches due to it being the personal choice of James Bond. Having been the choice for 007 for the last 26 years, the Seamaster is one of the most iconic watches on the market. The timepiece has been built to last, with its one of a kind bronze alloy enriched elements used to make it harder wearing and long lasting. The original Seamaster was created in 1957 for the first ever professional divers, its functions were to be easy to read and water resistant. Practical for the active male in your life, the Seamaster collection by Omega is the perfect timepiece and we’ve got plenty of second hand watches in stock.

Here at T. H. Baker, our pre owned watches are inspected to authenticate the piece to ensure the item is being sold at the highest standard possible. When you purchase your dream second hand watch at T. H. Baker, all watches come with a manufactures guarantee giving you the confidence you need to purchase the perfect timepiece, whether it is for yourself or a loved one. Shop online at T. H. Baker or come into your nearest store and asked about our Second hand Omega collection. With over 20 trusted locations, come and see some of our pre owned watches in one of our stores.


The Bra World: Fashion And Special Styles

We’ll be discussing some of the more niche styles. These bras are made to flatter, look sexy, or serve a purpose. These bras are not the regular bras that you might be used to. While some women might not need them, others may find they are necessary for certain reasons.


Bralettes are a fashion item that has been in high demand for the past year or so. They serve two purposes. Bralettes were originally designed to be lightweight, thin bras for smaller chests. These bras don’t have any padding or underwire. They are more natural and provide minimal support. Bralettes are now manufactured for a different purpose. To be seen. For years, women have been told not to show bras. But it has become fashionable.

Backless Bras

Bras that are backless have a low back band or no band at all, which can make it difficult to wear low-backed clothing. It is not easy to wear a bra when you have a backless dress. This is why backless bras were created. They come in many styles, from strapless and convertible to adhesive. Backless bras can be worn in your regular size.

Nursing & Maternity Bras

Maternity bras provide safety, comfort, and support for women during pregnancy. Maternity bras are designed to provide comfort and support for pregnant women. To avoid irritation, many maternity bras won’t have an underwire. They will come with a wider band and more comfortable cups that can be adjusted to your changing breast sizes.

Mastectomy Bras

A mastectomy bra can be used with breast prosthetics and is specifically designed for women who have had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, or another type of surgery. For extra padding, post-surgical bras have discreet pockets within the cups. Mastectomy bras can be designed to have prosthetics pockets in either one or both of the cups. Mastectomy bras have soft materials that are gentle on the skin. They also provide good coverage to protect your breasts. Your doctor may recommend compression or a sports bra for healing.

Minimizer Bras

A minimizer bra will help you draw less attention towards your chest. These bras can reduce your chest size by as much as 2 inches (outwards), giving you a flattering silhouette. This miracle is achieved by evenly distributing breast tissue across the entire cup, instead of the semi-circle shape. It creates the illusion of a smaller bust. Minimizer bras can be used for outfits with a slimmer silhouette, such as turtlenecks or button-down shirts. This style should be purchased in your normal size. You don’t have to reduce the size to get a smaller appearance.

Front Closure Bras

These are simple and elegant – they don’t close at the back. Instead, front closing bras clasps close at the front, right between your breasts. You can use this style with any bra, from sports bras to plunging necklines. But it’s most popular because of one thing. This bra is easier to put on than regular bras, and it’s much more comfortable, especially for hot days. Front closure bras should be a little tighter as it doesn’t allow you to adjust the size

Adhesive Bras

Adhesive bras, which are a relatively new discovery, are the lifesaver for halter neck and low-back top lovers all over the globe. Adhesive bras have a cup that sticks to your breasts and no back straps. Many bras will come with a clasp to fasten the two, providing support and cleavage. These are often sold in one size fits all or limited sizes.


9 Tips To Upgrade Your Lifestyle In 2021

The propensities we have incredibly decide our way of life. Thusly, it bodes well to support beneficial routines and dispose of negative propensities. Beginning the New Year is the best an ideal opportunity to adjust to your way of life.

Have We Become Slaves Of Our Own Habits?

Our every day propensities, both helpful and those less great, become from various perspectives a progression of our life, alongside our triumphs, losses and general states of mind. Here and there, we have become captives to our propensities, which have colossal control over us. The happening to the New Year is a nonexistent limit to us, that is related with the reestablishment and the “change” of life. Maybe the guarantees we made on New Year’s Eve are endeavors to end liberated from negative propensities and draw in joy.

Improve The Quality Of Life

In spite of the multitude of conditions, life can be satisfying. Our perspective on the world unfathomably influences its quality. With positive considerations, we can change the entire reality. These are decides that genuinely glad individuals never surrender, so acknowledge them in 2021.

Self-improvement And Mental Health

1. Quit Worrying About Aging

In the present society, which is so fixated on youth and excellence, it isn’t phenomenal for individuals, and particularly ladies, to make a negative disposition toward maturing. It is as though years have taken an individual’s wonder. Magnificence can never be lost, it simply changes its shape – as character changes with age and experience. All things considered, all legit and significant connections you develop with your friends and family are not founded on appearance, however character, similarity and love. So don’t believe that the years will transform anything in the hearts of the individuals who care.

2. Figure out how To Say NO

Numerous individuals are in a difficult situation since they can’t dismiss solicitations of their family, companions or even colleagues. Notwithstanding, when you figure out how to say, “No!”, you will be more joyful and more fulfilled on the grounds that you will be in balance and will possess significantly more energy for yourself. A great many people stall out in their own feelings by “living another person’s life”, since they simply don’t have the foggiest idea how to say, “No”. They imagine that assuming they won’t make bargains to relatives and companions, they end up being terrible individuals, which isn’t correct.

Way of life

3. Spend No More Than 1 Hour A Day On Social Networks

On the off chance that you give a lot of consideration to interpersonal organizations, after the data that it can cause uneasiness and sorrow, you might need to diminish the time you spend in the virtual world. Various examinations have shown that individuals who utilize interpersonal organizations for a few hours every day – are multiple times bound to have gloom and uneasiness. Counting different variables that influence emotional wellness issues, for example, social and love status, sex, race and funds, the end is that we ought to decrease our visit on interpersonal organizations for a more limited period.

4. Quit Complaining

Stop briefly and consider how frequently a day you grumble about different things – on schedule, companions, family, your chief, moderate web, helpless café administration, and so forth The rundown is interminable! You may imagine that there isn’t anything amiss with sporadically communicating disappointment, yet on the off chance that it turns into a propensity – steady whines will essentially disable your physical and psychological well-being.

Over the long haul, this model of conduct will turn into a propensity and on the off chance that you are encircled by contrary individuals, odds are that you will get one of them. The present society gripes a lot when all is said in done, yet more critically, it isn’t compelling and doesn’t deliver the ideal outcomes.

5. Inside Design

While picking furniture, there is just one guideline: Choose the one you like and the one that will make your living agreeable. Don’t simply go after furniture that requests to you. It is particularly critical to get a familiar bedding, as rest quality is quite possibly the main factors that influence your great wellbeing and how well you feel comfortable. However, where to track down the best and how to pick the correct one?

With regards to such things, we generally propose that you depend on the encounters of the individuals who have effectively taken a stab at something new and great, for example, this Sleeping Ninjas audit. Here you can discover tips on how and where to get the most familiar beddings that will permit you a decent and soothing rest. The entirety of this is significant for your physical and psychological wellness just as your better usefulness for the duration of the day.


6. Stroll For An Hour Each Day

There could be no less complex and more helpful actual work than strolling.

Discussing why strolling is so solid, specialists say it enacts our locomotor framework and effectsly affects the joints, ligaments, tendons, bones, and particularly the muscles. As we walk, every one of our muscles work. The walk likewise benefits the cardiovascular framework, lungs and the whole respiratory framework. The walk is additionally suggested on the grounds that the chance of wounds is insignificant, requiring no uncommon climate conditions or hardware.

7. Try not to Consume Fast Food

Quick food varieties contain high measures of carbs, sugars, fats and sodium, and “void calories”. These food varieties are high in calories and poor in dietary benefit. We love them however. Pizza, cheeseburgers, french fries and comparable dishes will be the best option for a considerable lot of us when we’re eager, and their accessibility at pretty much every progression allures us to look no further. Be that as it may, we ought to pick these kinds of suppers less frequently, on the grounds that burning-through this caloric, however healthfully helpless food varieties can hurt our wellbeing.


8. Quit Checking Email Every Couple Of Minutes

Notwithstanding knowing here and there that the same old thing has shown up – a few group have a propensity for fanatically browsing their email asking themselves, “Imagine a scenario where my supervisor sent me a message that I didn’t see on schedule?” Unfortunately, the issue lies in the way that this example of conduct adds to losing center. So you better do one piece of the work first, and afterward verify whether you have any messages meanwhile.


9. Pick your organization

Pick your organization and associate with individuals who cause you to feel better. Individuals in your current circumstance affect how you feel. On the off chance that you spend time with the individuals who cause you to feel better, make you giggle and keep you feeling great – at that point you will be more joyful. Furthermore, to have such individuals in your current circumstance – you should be equivalent to well.